Scaling Up Nutrition during crises
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The SUN Movement approach of national ownership and leadership, in bringing different sectors and stakeholders together, in addressing nutrition challenges is beginning to show a positive impact, in the context of stable countries. This approach can also be applied in the context of humanitarian response. Not only to ensure reaching the most vulnerable populations in times of crises but to create more sustainable and durable development of people, communities and nations.


In 2017, the SUN Movement has marked its seventh year with 59 countries and three Indian states committing themselves to the ambitious goal of revolutionising the way they address malnutrition; putting nutrition at the heart of their social and economic policies and adhering to the SUN Movement Principles of Engagement. Growing evidence suggests that investing in nutrition and food security helps to fight against hunger to build peace and resilience. We believe that with coordinated responses to improve access to water, sanitation, health and social protection, households will be more resilient to shocks and communities will prosper with healthier bodies and healthier minds.


In pursuit of the objectives of the SUN Movement Strategy and Roadmap (2016-2020) and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the SUN Movement support system is working towards the identification of key long-term recommendations for the global community – driven by examples from SUN Countries – which will bridge the development-humanitarian divide. Agenda 2030 recognises the intrinsic links between peace and sustainable development and therefore, there is an emphasis on ensuring that no one is left behind and aims to reach the furthest behind first. This translates into inclusive growth for all people, whether in a stable, fragile or conflict context.

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